Top 10 things to do at Sacha Lodge

Deep in the dense primary rainforest, two hours from Ecuador’s Amazon gateway town of Coca sits Sacha Lodge, seamlessly built into its natural surroundings on Pilchicocha Lake. For more than 25 years, Sacha Lodge has offered some of the most interactive and engaging jungle excursions of any Amazon lodge, with a flair for elegance and luxury and a commitment to conserving and protecting the nature that is at the heart of all of Sacha’s programs and itineraries. Over the years, the activities have grown, but they still center around giving guests an intimate experience with the wildlife.

Canopy Walk

The rainforest canopy is one of the least explored parts of the Amazon, and this 94-foot high walkway, supported by three sturdy metal towers, puts you right in the heart of it, giving you an exclusive window into life at the uppermost level of the jungle. Extending for 940-feet, you will be able to see and hear animals like howler monkeys and various bird species that you couldn’t from the ground.

Kapok tower

If you want to climb even higher into the canopy, then this 135-foot observation tower will quench your thirst. The 360-degree panoramic view immerses guests in the the forest, with access to the 500-some registered bird species in the area. As its name suggests, it is built right into the highest brangest of a mighty kapok tree.

Yasuni Parrot Lick

One of the most interesting sights you’ll see during your time at Sacha Lodge is the parrot lick, where hundreds of parrots flock every sunny, dry morning to perch on and eat the exposed clay. While there are several clay licks throughout the Amazon, this is considered the most accessible, just a short canoe ride from Sacha Lodge, down the Napo River. It forms an important part of the parrots’ diets, providing them with a natural antacid for their highly acidic diet of fruit and helping them to remedy naturally occurring toxins in their diet and ward off parasites.

Butterfly House

Prepare to be immersed in a world of butterflies – over 40 species flutter around one of the largest butterfly farms in Ecuador, featuring glass-wing butterflies, spectacular blue morphs, striking tiger longwings, bright yellow swallowtails and giant nocturnal owl butterflies, just to name a few. These beautiful insects are bred and raised here in the safety of the conservatory, and the flying room gives you access to this tranquil world.

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