At home in the wild

Though you’re quite literally in the thick of it all, comfort is at the heart of the experience

The Lodge blends so seamlessly into its surroundings that to the resident wildlife it’s just another part of the forest. Watch giant otters duck, dive and call to each other as you eat breakfast; caimans glide under the walkway as you head back to your room; monkeys chattering outside your balcony; and even giant sloths hanging out on trees by the cabins.


A Dream of the Wild

Discover the story behind Sacha Lodge

Sacha Lodge’s story begins in the 1970s when Swiss founder Benny came to Ecuador in search of adventure. He was captivated by the Napo River, and in 1985, Benny opened his first tourist lodge, La Casa del Suizo, on the Upper Napo.

But soon, civilization approached, and to satisfy his appetite for wilderness, Benny went in search of a place to build a lodge deeper into the forest. Months later, he was taken to a stretch of forest some two hours from Coca. Benny immediately fell in love with the mysterious black water of Pilchicocha lake and purchased 500 hectares of land surrounding it. With the help of 170 local employees, Sacha Lodge was officially opened in 1992 with six guest rooms.

As time went on Benny continued to expand the facilities while purchasing more land, and to date he has incredibly acquired 5,000 acres.

The Rooms

Don’t sacrifice comfort for adventure

Lodging at Sacha combines the highest comfort to the traveller with the preservation of the environment and rainforest ambience. All of our cabins, with high thatched roofs and private shaded terraces with hammocks, are constructed with traditional materials and nestle subtly into the lush surroundings. Each of the 26 the rooms, which include single, double and (upon request) triple accommodations and three family cabins, provides a spacious private bathroom with flushing toilet and hot shower – some even feature floor-to-ceiling windows for an immersive jungle shower experience! All cabins are screened against insects, and contain ceiling fans above two comfortable double beds.


A Jungle Retreat

Spaces to enjoy the forest experience

The Balsa

Unique al fresco lounge experience

Named after the Spanish word for a “raft”, the Balsa is at the heart of the Sacha Lodge experience: a covered al fresco lounge area with a breath taking view over the shimmering Pilchicocha Lake. It is the perfect place to read a book with a glass of wine, spot birds, caiman and giant otters, or to watch the crimson sunsets and tremendous thunder storms.

The Bar

Cozy and relaxing area

The safari-lodge style bar is found above the restaurant and fitted with snuggly sofas and stools propping up the bamboo bar. Relax with an ice-cold beer or wine, or classic cocktails made by our master barman.

The Restaurant

Delightful Jungle Fine Dining

The rustic, airy restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere for dinner with its windows open, allowing the cicadas evening song to circle. An a la carte dinner is served in the restaurant, bringing fine dining to the jungle. Using fresh and sustainable products, our chef prepares meals to delight the tastes of a world traveler while satisfying the appetite of an adventurer!

Flavours of Sacha

Bringing fine dining to the jungle

Breakfast and lunch buffets mixing international cuisine with traditional Ecuadorian dishes are served in the Balsa. There are light, healthy options as well as more substantial pasta and meat dishes.

An a la carte dinner is served in the restaurant, bringing fine dining to the jungle. Menus change daily, and will often include the popular paiche, a meaty white fish found in the Amazon region – with the all-important Green Seal of responsible fishing.

Vegetarians are more than welcome, and our chefs will be happy to cater for any special needs you may have upon request.

At least one evening during your stay we will hold a barbecue on the lakeside Balsa, with grilled fish, meat and vegetables.




Our friendly staff form the backbone of the Sacha Lodge experience, and are always available to cater to any special needs you may have. On average, there are three staff members on duty for every two guests at the lodge.


After making your reservation, Sacha Lodge will book your flight. From the moment you arrive at Quito airport you will be in the safe hands of one of our bilingual team members, and will be guided all the way to the Lodge.


In case of emergency, both cellular telephone and radio communications are available from the Lodge. In addition, each of our guides maintains permanent radio contact with the Lodge during all excursions and activities.


Enjoy a beer or cocktail. We also have a well-curated wine list including wines from Chile, Argentina and Ecuador.


Internet connections are available in the open areas of the Lodge, at an additional daily rate.

Boots & Ponchos

Clean and disinfected bubber boots and rain ponchos are available for all of our guests at the Lodge, free of charge.


Purified, safe drinking water is available at multiple points around the Lodge – there’s no need to bring your own bottled water.


Throughout the Lodge, 24-hour electricity is provided by a distant, nearly inaudible generator.


Sacha Lodge provides laundry service (washing and drying) for our guests. Please consult costs with our lodge administrator.

Our History

Sacha Lodge (“Sacha” is the Quechua Indian word meaning “forest”) was dreamt up by founder Arnold Ammeter, or ‚”Benny” as he is more commonly known. Born in Interlaken, Switzerland, Benny boarded a ship and headed for Chile in 1963. After spending only three months there, his thirst for adventure and the forests of South America had been awakened.

After a short time in Chile he decided to set off for Bolivia, where he remained until 1967. Later, his travels took him further North into Peru, where he worked in the gold business. Towards the end of 1979 Benny packed his bags and this time headed for Ecuador, where he still lives today. Here, he once again worked with gold, but also began distributing Coca Cola to isolated communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon along the Napo River.

In 1985, Benny opened his first tourist lodge, La Casa del Suizo, on the Upper Napo at the village of Ahuano.

As civilization slowly approached Ahuano, Benny, who was captivated by the wilderness, decided to search for a location to construct a lodge deeper in the forest. By 1989, his search had taken him through the entire Ecuadorian Amazon region, more commonly known as “El Oriente.” He visited Huaorani Indian territory, the Yasuní National Park and the Aguarico River region. While he liked many of the sights he visited, he found that they weren’ suitable for his vision of a rainforest lodge, as all of the land was government owned. One day after leaving Pañacocha (located two hours downstream from Sacha Lodge) he stopped to speak with one of the locals living on the bank of the lower Napo. Benny spoke of his dream and the man told him that he knew of the perfect place for a lodge. Together they hiked through a swamp, along the trail that would soon become Sacha’s present day boardwalk (“El Anden”), and arrived at an isolated lagoon. Benny immediately fell in love with this lake, called Pilchicocha, and decided that it was the site he had been looking for. He then met with ten local landowners in nearby Coca, and purchased 500 hectares of their properties surrounding Pilchicocha. In October of 1991, 170 employees began construction of Sacha Lodge and its famous wooden tower (“La Torre”).

Six months later, the initial construction of Sacha was complete. In April of 1992, Sacha Lodge was officially opened with six guest rooms, a dining room, and housing for guides and other staff. During the first six months, Benny lived at and managed the lodge himself.
As time went on Benny continued to improve the facilities while purchasing more land around the lodge, and to date he has incredibly acquired 5,000 acres. This beautiful property offers a safe refuge for a tremendous variety of plants and animals native to the Ecuadorian Amazon, and a wonderful opportunity for visitors to experience them for themselves.

Tailor-Made Programs


All our programs and itineraries are tailor-made and flexible to your needs and interests. Adventure is a given at Sacha Lodge, no matter how intrepid you may be.