The Experience

Everything about the Ecuadorian Amazon is awe-inspiring

Rivers so wide you can barely see the other side; supersized kapok trees and electric blue morph butterflies; tiny insects that roar and gentle giants who only venture out at night. Each acre of these forests along the banks of the Napo River has more biodiversity than almost the whole of North America, yet the thrill of spotting tamarind monkeys, giant otters, toucans, boa constrictors, caimans or owls never diminishes. Here, dark water creeks are the canals that lead you further away from civilization and deeper into the wild.

Amazing Wildlife

Here you are immersed in the natural world

The astounding biodiversity of Sacha Lodge provides the opportunity to encounter those strange and exotic creatures prowling through your dreams. An incredible 600 species of birds and 50 of bats, tiny pigmy marmosets and giant otters call the reserve home, a space six times the size of New York’s Central Park. Creatures of all shapes and sizes live happily around the lodge – look out for Lucy the Caiman on her morning patrol and the families of monkeys chattering by the rooms. We never leave food to attract animals. The Lodge has been in place for over two decades and we have protected against hunting to such an extent that the creatures have no need to fear humans.


Comfort with Adventure

We are proof that you do not have to sacrifice comfort for adventure

With luxurious beds, hot water showers, ceiling fans and bug-proofed windows, our accommodation is the perfect base for your exploration, while other spaces within the Lodge offer spectacular nature experiences without having to lift a finger. That’s not to mention delicious meals and wines – all the more delightful when you remember where you are.


The Complete Amazon Experience

We embrace every aspect of the forest

From the wildlife and its conservation, to the local communities and waterways, we embrace every aspect of the forest and we have created experiences to reflect this that you’ll find nowhere else in the Amazon.

Safe Exploration

The forest is abuzz with life, but following the instructions of our expert guides there is very little chance that you will come to any harm. While we certainly cannot guarantee you that your trip will be free of creepy crawlies, rooms are sealed against insects, and the composition of the sediment in our black water lake for the large part keeps mosquitos away.

Our Guides

The knowledge and dedication of our guides is second-to-none. Mainly coming from nearby communities, we also count among our ranks world-class bird-watching experts. Furthermore, at any one time there is an average of 4.2 guests to every two guides, and groups will stick with the same guide for the entirety of their stay – you’ll never hear the same story twice!

Community Encounters

We are proud to have forged meaningful ties with local communities and offer guests the opportunity to meet local people and learn more about their lives. What’s more, Sacha Lodge generates employment for about a 100 families, and is the largest tourism-sector employer in Ecuador’s Amazon region, as almost all employees come from local communities.

Family Friendly

Children are welcome at Sacha Lodge. We have excellent standards of safety, and our brilliant activities like our one-of-a-kind protected Lake Pool will assure that you will forge unforgettable memories with your little ones.

Tailor-Made Programs


All our programs and itineraries are tailor-made and flexible to your needs and interests. Adventure is a given at Sacha Lodge, no matter how intrepid you may be.