4 days / 3 nights program
Sample Itinerary (subject ot change due to weather, specific interests and physical abilities of our guests)
day 1
Depart Quito´s airport at 11:00am (subject to
change). A 30 minute flight over the Andes
Mountains leads you to a bustling oil town called
Coca located in the Amazon Basin. A quick lunch
in Sacha´s private house and then its off to the
town docks where you will board Sacha´s private
canoes for the 2 hour journey down river to
Sacha´s Lodges property.
A 30 minute hike through the rainforest leads
you to lake Pilchicocha. Here, you are met by
native workers to paddle you across the lake to
your final destination. Arrive at Sacha Lodge
around 15:30 or 16:00 pm (subject to change).
Swim in Lake Pilchicocha, which is a black water
lake home to many species of fish and animals. A
refreshing swim after arriving may be just what
you need after being in the equatorial heat all
day. Bird observing from the mini tower offers
guests an excellent opportunity to view several
species of birds common around the lodge. Also
a great place to watch the sun set. Visit the
butterfly house with your naturalist guide to
view the beautiful colors of many different
species of butterflies.
After dinner, accompany your naturalist guide on
a night walk through the rainforest to view the
hundreds of different species of animals that can
only be found at night. Or maybe a canoe ride on
the lake to view the spectacled and black
caimans with their glowing orange eyes as you
silently paddle across the lake to get a closer