Sacha Lodge is found within a 5000-acre private ecological reserve in Ecuador’s Amazon region, an accessible yet pristine rainforest sanctuary where you and your family may enjoy a true jungle adventure in safety and comfort.

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Pajaro Carpintero
5 Day, 4 Night Program
With 4 nights at Sacha Lodge, you can explore the depths of the Amazon Rainforest to its fullest. Beginning and finishing in Quito, we take care of every detail to ensure the trip of a lifetime.    Check Availability

4 Day, 3 Night Program
Starting and finishing in Quito, with three nights in Sacha Lodge, this is an efficient way to discover the Amazon Rainforest for travelers with limited time. Check Availability

New combined Ecuador programs:

Galapagos Galapagos, Amazon & Andes 15 Days / 14 Nights
4 nights in Quito, 5 nights in Galapagos, 3 nights at Sacha Lodge and 2 nights in Hacienda Piman


Galapagos Galapagos & Amazon 13 Days / 12 Nights
4 nights in Quito, 05 nights in Galapagos, and 3 nights at Sacha Lodge


Sacha History

Sacha Lodge (“Sacha” is the Quichua Indian word meaning “forest”) was a dream founded by Arnold Ammeter, or as he is more commonly known, “Benny.” Born in Interlaken , Switzerland , Benny boarded a ship and headed for Chile in 1963. After spending only three months there, his thirst for adventure and the forests of South America had been awaken.

After a short time in Chile he decided to set off for Bolivia , where he remained until 1967. Later, his travels took him farther North into Peru , where he worked in the gold business. Towards the end of 1979 Benny once again packed his bags and this time headed for Ecuador , where he still resides today. Here he once again worked with gold, but also began distributing Coca Cola to isolated communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon along the Napo River. In 1985, Benny opened his first tourist lodge, ” La Casa del Suizo,” on the Upper Napo at the village of Ahuano . Today, La Casa del Suizo is still functioning there as a successful tourist resort.

As civilization slowly approached Ahuano, Benny, who was captivated by the wilderness, decided to search for a location to construct a lodge deeper in the forest. By 1989, his search had taken him throughout the entire Ecuadorian Amazon region, more commonly known as “El Oriente.” He visited Huaorani Indian territory, the Yasuní National Park and the Aguarico River region. While he liked many of the sights he visited, he found that they weren’t suitable for his vision of a rainforest lodge, since all of the land was government owned. One day after leaving Pañacocha (Iocated two hours downstream from Sacha Lodge) he stopped to speak with one of the locals living on the bank of the lower Napo . Benny spoke of his dream and the gentleman told him that he knew of the perfect place for a lodge. Together they hiked through a swamp, not knowing that the trail would soon become Sacha’s present day boardwalk (“El Anden”), and arrived at an isolated lagoon. Benny immediately fell in love with this lake, called Pilchicocha, and decided that it was the site he had been looking for. He then met with ten local landowners in nearby Coca, and purchased 500 hectares of their properties surrounding Pilchicocha. In October of 1991, 170 employees began construction of Sacha Lodge and it’s famous wooden tower (” La Torre “).

Six months later, the initial construction of Sacha was complete. In April of 1992, Sacha Lodge was officially opened with six guest rooms, a dining room, and housing for guides and other staff. During the first six months, Benny lived at and managed the lodge himself.

As time went on Benny continued to improve the facilities while purchasing more land around the lodge, and to date he has incredibly acquired 5,000 acres . This beautiful property offers a safe refuge for a tremendous variety of plants and animals native to the Ecuadorian Amazon, and a wonderful opportunity for visitors to experience them for themselves



Since its foundation in 1992, Sacha Lodge has proven that it is possible to sustain a healthy balance between economic development, rainforest conservation, local human advancement and respect to local culture. We pride ourselves by maintaining this social and ecological responsibility, which is the basis of true Ecotourism. Sacha Lodge is an Ecuadorian company which , generates employment to about a 100 families who form a part of our team. Most Lodge employees come from local communities (the few exceptions being the administrator, chef and bilingual guides), making Sacha the largest tourism-sector employer in Ecuador’s Amazon region. This not only brings direct economic benefits to these communities, but also provides them with a practical alternative to harmful activities such as logging and oil exploration. In addition, having employees work as native guides offers them the opportunity to share their ancestral knowledge with others plus an incentive to continue passing it on to their children in a changing world. Since 1995 Sacha has also invested heavily in acquiring land from neighboring colonists. Not to be confused with rainforest natives, these colonists came from cities and would have relied on heavy farming and hunting to survive. Thanks to such efforts, we have saved over 5000 acres from deforestation and are now the largest private reserve in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Through our efforts, we hope to help ensure that future generations of both natives and visitors have the opportunity to continue enjoying the wonders of the tropical rainforest.


Getting There

The journey to Sacha Jungle Lodge begins in Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. From here, a 25-minute flight takes you over the Andes Mountains’ majestic snow-covered peaks and down over 8500 feet (2600 meters) into the Amazon Region. The flight destination is the port town of Puerto Francisco de Orellana, locally known as Coca, where you will be met by a bilingual guide and taken to a private dock. Here we will pause for a snack and to use the rest rooms before boarding our covered motorized canoe for a 2-hour, 50-mile (80-kilometer) trip down the sediment-rich waters of the Napo, the largest river in Ecuadorian Amazonia.
During the ride it is easy to spot handsome shore birds such as herons, kingfishers, spoonbills and ospreys between the scattered native huts as you travel steadily away from civilization. Upon arrival to Sacha Lodge’s 5000-acre (2000-hectare) private reserve, our guests will take their first walk along a raised boardwalk through dense flooded palm forest where several species of monkeys are often sighted. But don’t worry… we will carry your luggage for you!
The path leads to Pilchicocha lake, a blackwater paradise where you’d least expect to find any sign of people, but dugout canoes (and even paddlers) await to carry you even farther. As you cross the lake, the cries of tropical birds lead you to your final destination and home base for an exciting jungle experience.



I had an excellent time here at Sacha Lodge. Oscar and Bolivar’s expertise and awareness was astonishing! I do not know what we have done without them.

Meals were very delicious, equally so far desserts. The entire staff is incredibly hard-working and dedicated, punctual as well. I am glad that we chose to stay with Sacha Lodge, it was amazing experience. Thank you!

Derek Gross
December 15 to 18 2012

Fantastic guides and itinerary! I have been here four times and I still sow lots of new species. Very enjoyable!

Shingles Richard
January 15-18 2013


The Lodge is so very well run it is hard to suggest anything. The staff was very friendly and willing to do all to help. It was a magical trip and very hard to say good bye. Thanks so very much!

Raye Hamblen
January 28 to February 01 2013


Absolutely amazing experience! Many thanks to Rafael and Wilson! We specially loved the canopy walk and kapok tree.

John Piciane
December 31 to January 03 2013


 This was a wonderful experience. Not a detail was missed and the small touches were absolutely noticed (For example cushions in canoes).

Food was excellent! Both our guides were wonderful and very personable. We will certainly recommend Sacha Lodge!.

Jodi Plus
April 19-22 2013


I appreciated prompt responses to emails. I appreciated that everything went according to plan. I appreciated airport assistance. I appreciated list of things to bring. I appreciated information on arrival. Sacha Lodge is a “very well run facility” they delivered exactly what the promised.

Elisa Toom
April 12 to 15 2013-06-13


We have had an amazing stay at Sacha. The whole organisation was efficient. We would recommend Sacha to anyone –young, families, students.

Our guide really made the trip special.

James Thornton
April 29- May 02 2013


David was exceptional. I have mobility restrictions and he anticipated my needs and found solutions which he or Elias carried. I am very grateful.

Clare Griffin
April 27-30 2013


Excellent experience, loved the organization plus activities. I appreciated that my vegetarian choice was well taken care of each meal.

Ron Thomas
April 22-25 2013